Spotted Okapi
Be Different. Be You. Be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to celebrate diverse voices.

Words are powerful. Sounds are powerful. Images are powerful. Movement is powerful. But when you combine them to invoke an emotion, a feeling, a connection…they are not just powerful, they are all-consuming. That is what we are after.

We publish books that celebrate the diversity in humanity. We celebrate literature, art and creative works that celebrate differences and belonging. We love work that cuts across genres, breaks boundaries and goes beyond labels. Anything that challenges the norms and dares to touch our souls.

Why Spotted Okapi?

Okapis are different. They don’t quite belong. They look a bit like zebras, but they are not. They could be like be giraffes, but not really. They are unique.

A spotted okapi is a figment of our imagination that celebrates and stretches that uniqueness even more.

We love okapis. We love the spotted ones even more.

What we do

We are currently publishing books on commission, if we are interested to publish your writing, our team will reach out to you. Please do not send us submissions at this point.

For general enquiries, you can reach us at